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Gloss Lynton IPL Hair Reduction 

your destination for permanent hair reduction! 

Why Choose Gloss for IPL Hair Reduction?

  • Permanent Results: Say goodbye to unwanted hair for good.

  • Safe and Painless: Our IPL technology ensures a comfortable experience.

  • Experienced Professionals: Trust our skilled technicians for effective treatments.

  • Customized Solutions: Tailored to your unique skin and hair type.


How It Works: The IPL Hair Reduction Process


Intense pulsed light energy is absorbed by the hair colour 


The energy then makes its way to your hair bulb and heats the base 


This over a series of treatments creates death of the hair follicle 


Benefits of Choosing Gloss 

  1. Permanent Hair Reduction: Achieve long-lasting results.

  2. Safe and FDA-Approved: Our IPL technology is proven and safe.

  3. Quick and Convenient: Fast treatments with minimal downtime.

  4. Cost-Effective: Save money in the long run compared to other methods.

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Ready to experience the freedom of smooth, hair-free skin? Contact us today to schedule your consultation and begin your journey to permanent hair reduction.

Exclusive Offer: Your First Session at Half Price!

Are you ready to experience the benefits of IPL hair reduction at an unbeatable price? We're excited to offer you a special promotion to make your first session even more affordable.

How to Redeem:

  1. Book Your Consultation & Patch Test

    • Schedule a consultation with our experienced technicians to discuss your unique needs and learn more about our IPL hair reduction services. During the consultation, we'll assess your skin and hair type to tailor the treatment to your specific requirements.

  2. Rebook Your First Treatment on the Day of Your Consultation:

    • Take the next step towards smooth, hair-free skin by rebooking your first IPL hair reduction treatment on the same day as your consultation. By doing so, you'll unlock an exclusive 50% discount on your first session.

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